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Proxy's full range of finance and accounting services helps your business stay on track from start to finish.

Complimentary Consultation


At Proxy, we always start with a complimentary consultation to get to know our potential clients and assess their needs. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to learn more about us and vice versa. Before anything official, we want to hear our client’s stories – from what motivated them to get started to what they’ve been through to get where they are today. This helps us better understand how they view their business and allows us to focus on how we can best help them reach their goals. We’ll ask about business objectives, operations, and your current accounting situation to determine the best course of action. If by chance, we aren’t a perfect fit, we can take a look “under the hood” to give a free assessment of your current accounting standing. We’re happy to provide recommendations and proper vocabulary when preparing to approach the best match for your team.

Historical Housekeeping

Once we’ve agreed on a scope of work, we begin with an unofficial audit of all historical data. This is where we work to get our client’s books to a healthy place and ensure everyone is prepared for ongoing bookkeeping and monthly cadences. This is essential for any company looking to get its finances in order. We are establishing a foundation of best practices from day one, so we can prepare to answer any inquiries about your financials at a moment’s notice. We create request lists and compile supporting documents to verify the accuracy of all transactions. We will integrate new tech solutions and retain all appropriate credentials to be as self-sufficient as possible in the future. By the end of our historical housekeeping, we will be fully prepared to stand by your numbers and accounting processes.

Tech Optimization

As a tech-driven accounting firm, we have connected with some of the best fintech available to develop and optimize your accounting processes. A clear financial foundation is essential for any company, and Proxy can help you get there. By finding the best solutions for your specific needs, we not only create an efficient ecosystem but also plan for future integrations and system replacements that come along with growth. By partnering with many of the biggest names on the market, we can pass on additional savings while optimizing your performance.

On-going Support

Once we are established in your business and confident in the cleanup, we look to perfect our regular cadences. Each month we become more accustomed to your expectations and improve how we interact with your needs. Bookkeeping is perfected, and we begin to provide proactive solutions before our routine 1-on-1s. We can prepare financial support for your burning questions or mull over tough decisions between our month-end closes. We begin to build relationships with your customers and vendors while funneling their inquiries directly to your newly assigned staff. By overseeing as much of the day-to-day outlined in our agreement, we can gain additional insights into upcoming requirements to keep you informed and avoid unexpected fire drills.

Financial Presentations

Proxy helps our clients by providing routine Financial Presentations, proformas, cash flow analyses, and more in-depth reports that you may not have had the time or ability to do on your own. Our experienced professionals are here to help you make sense of your finances and give you the tools you need to make informed decisions for your business. Not only will we spend time reviewing your books for the prior month, but your dedicated CFO will develop a forward-looking strategy to help you budget for and achieve your target KPIs.

Proxy Professionals

Remote Accounting

Remote Accounting Specialists are responsible for bookkeeping and day-to-day tasks. This can include monthly journal entries, reconciling accounts, paying bills, invoicing, and communicating deadlines to you and your clients.

Client Account

Client Account Managers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your company’s finances. They are certified accountants that will operate as your main point of contact for all accounting concerns and supporting document reviews.

Corporate Vision

The Corporate Vision Director’s primary function is to assist the company with cash flow management, financial projections, and overall financial strategy. They will help ensure that the company makes sound financial decisions to remain on track for long-term success.

Software Support

Software Support Specialists are dedicated to all tech-focused aspects of your finances. They will ensure all software integrations are working efficiently and troubleshoot any issues that may arise while maintaining data security and integrity.

Corporate & Personal
Tax Consultant

Corporate & Personal Tax Consultants are certified tax professionals who help businesses and individuals understand and comply with applicable tax regulations. They manage deadlines and provide expertise to comply with ever-changing tax laws.

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